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Herro Everyone!

So you might be wondering what on Earth has been happening with the HubbleCraft, well we are still here.

Recently the server has been going thorugh a bit of a pass the parcel with Owners and it has finally rested upon me, Gesteppie :) So I'll give you a brief as to why we went down. The first Owner, IcyEagle, left just before the renewal of our previous host. No new Owner was deicded quickly enough before the hosting period ended and the service went down. (Don't worry, we saved all your stuff ;) ). The second Owner, passed the Privldge to the third Owner who couldn't host the server more than a month due to fininacial constraints. The Ownership then passed to me, Gesteppie, as an offering to keep this wonderful community going! But unfortunately I couldnt get the server up straight away, (I would have had it up in an instant if it were possible) but we ran into a bunch of coding problems transfering the files from old host to new which is why we've seen to be still hiding in the shadows.

But now, it has finally come.


And as my first gift to you wonderful people, old and new, I am having a Grand Re-Opening week sale of 60% off ALL purchases made within the store. CODE: REOPEN

I am enternally grateful for everyones patience and Welcome to our new players!

I hope to see you on the HubbleCraftNetwork soon!

-Gesteppie ^_^

We are currently switching to a much faster machine. It will be down for one hour when no one is on. Sorry for the inconvenience guys.

ShyGuy33 x 1 hour ended 27 hours ago.
[Mod] JakePlayzz So it that now?


IcyEagle posted Jun 27, 16

Hello, I am writting to inform you that I will be resigning from my position as owner this month. Taylorhughes719 will be taking my place. It has been a pleasure working with all of you!

Hey guys!

This is the Co-Owner Iceblade 

Just to let you know HubbleCrafts Anniversary is on July 1st 2016 and we are having a drop party. We will be hosting a drop party at 5PM PST/8PM EST. The servers that will have a drop party are Towny,Factions, and Skyblock. The requirement is to have atleast 8 people on the server to start the drop party. Hope to see you guys there.

Deadlyrock nice
[Mod] JakePlayzz Can we have a time? BecauseI'm in Australia xD
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